Personal Information:

  • place of birth: Cologne
  • day of birth: September 10th, 1973
  • nationality: German

Career History:

  • since 1984: jobs as professional musician (besides school and university)
  • since 1986: jobs as professional magician (besides school and university)
  • 1988: foundation of a big artists agency in Cologne
  • 1991: foundation of another artists agency in Cologne
  • 1994: final degree “Diplom-Kaufmann”, University of Cologne
  • 1995-2002: manager in the field of media (Grundy-Ufa, RTL, ZDF, T-Mobile, DaimlerCrysler)
  • 1997: NRW award for Best Close-up Magician
  • 1998: Best Magic Comedy Show in Germany award
  • 2002-2004: lecturer for mathematics, (e)marketing, economics and economics of media
  • 2003 “actor”: “Grennhorn”, role of “Lanzer”, director “Michael Kreuz”
  • 2006: Best Magic Trade Show Performance in Germany (award)

Artist Work:

  • since 1982 “musician”: as guitar player, piano player, composer and singer, experiences in the fields of dance music, jazz, pop, rock and carnival
  • since 1986 “magician”: with stage and close-up programs, experiences in the fields of private events, business events, kids programs, trade shows and cruises
  • since 1989 “comedy”: comedian and walkacts
  • since 1991 “moderator”: for business events, trade shows, galas, street events and festivals


  • languages: English (fluent), Spanish (superior), Latin (graet latinum), Old Hebrew (hebraicum)
  • interests/hobbies: sports, movies, photography