Magic with your products will alert your clients in an interesting and amusing way.

The products will be used as props and thus become the focus of the Marc Magic performance. They disappear and reappear and are introduced in a completely different environment. This engages the curiosity of the client. Together with a competent sales manager the informational needs can easily be met.

Magic as a marketing instrument: Well, it might be out of range to have an elephant disappear on stage, but for almost everything else Marc has a rousing idea. Call for a non-binding appointment and ask Mr. Magic for an individually developed concept which meets your needs and wishes: A show circling around your product! Your name and your brand will always be the focus of attention. This is comical marketing in the form of magic which nobody will ever forget.

Entertainment for patrons, attraction of new clients or to give clients an understanding of your products… this is feasible with product focused magic. Besides the aspect of sales promotion, Marc triggers a positive sensation about your product and leaves a lasting impression of your company on the clients.
Certainly the magic tricks can be adjusted to the diverse products. These magic tricks are carried out with your products directly or with anything imprinted with your logo and can be handed to the visitors as ‘giveaways’ after the show. Ask for special offers from the magician.

Attention: These product focused magic tricks are easily incorporated in the show on stage or the close-up program of the magician.

Here the magician Mr. Marc Magic as moderator and magician at the “Vileda Magical Roadshow”:

Here the magician Mr. Marc Magic show how to do magic with a waterbottle of “Gerolsteiner”:

Here the magician Mr. Magc Magic is presenting a new product of the perfum company “L’oreal”: