With the magician Mr. Marc Magic you are always choosing the best and most entertaining support for your event. Not only becuase you can depend on him and the magician is always on time, but he also has a lot of experience, which influences his magic performances and therefore the success of your event. His work as a magician for more than 20 years speaks for itself. During this time the magician did magic and entertainment for nearly every kind of event and herewith can handle every kind of possible problem you can think of. Just this experiance is a very huge benefit for your event. Do not settle for the second best choice (magician) for your event … it is too important! Hire the magician Mr. Marc Magic!

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The advantages with The Magic German


  • Mr. Marc Magic is a magician, German, funny and always on time.
  • More than 20 years of experiance in events.
  • Mr. Marc Magic besides his magic skills has a master in economics.
  • Best quality in magic performances.
  • Mr. Marc Magic can help you with publicity. He can also publish your event in his channels of marketing (facebook, website, etc.)!

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New Services

The magician Mr Marc Magic not only has a lot of experiance in events, but also knows a lot of fantastic colleagues in other fields of art, who also work very professionally.

The magician Mr. Marc Magic can organize your entire event and help you with your public relations. He knows the best people for design, marketing, catering, art, decoration and everything else. Hire only the best for your event!

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Mr. Marc Magic … the best solution for your event! Mr. Marc Magic is not one of the cheapest magician, but he is one of the best “live” magicians all over the world. And this is what counts for your event! You do not want an artist who does not show up or that your guests/clients will say afterwards: “OK”? … No! Your event needs a magician where your guests/clients will for sure say: “Wow! I never saw a show like that! This is a incredible and unforgettable event.” Therefore talk to the magician Mr. Marc Magic (or even better: write an email). The prices are not as high as you would think.