The magician Mr. Magic fascinates his audience with charm, fun and sponatneity.

With his sympathetic kind (way) and funny jokes he requests smartly the audience to do magic together with him thus Mr. Magic puts reason and logical thinking off balance. He enchants not only your guests, but the mood and brings order to bubble so that his incredible scene becomes the absolute highlight of the evening.

Experience with your own eyes how the magician coming from Cologne steals bottles or a cigarette in a jacket (naturally the cigarette disappears and the jacket is intact) and with pure force of his thoughts transfers information to the whole public or allows subjects to float. And the conjurer presents all that in a witty and kind way that no eye stays dry!

Magic is no miracle … is pure pleasure!!!

Excursion “stand up show”: the stand up show (gala show, magic show) is seen as a separate item of an event (it can also be combined with close-up magic). The time interval can vary from 5 minutes up to a full-length program. However, a real stage is not necessarily necessary (a certain place (square) from 1 x 2 meters that can be seen by the whole public will suffice).

The stage show (also called stand up program) happens during the magic performance and the focus of all spectators is on the same moment (in contrast to the close-up magic performance which pulls only the attention of a smaller group).