Closeup magic or table hopping … the most “personal” form of magic entertainment…

Due to immediate and personal contact with the audience, magic gets a whole new character. Close-up (or table magic) is the term of the art, which brings the fun directly amongst the people, from table to table group to group and person to person. Even within small groups, magic serves the purpose of communication. Close-up magic is also ideal to break the ice at any event: a bar, a lounge or directly at the table of your guests.

Mr. Marc Magic makes use of everyday items, such as pencils, coins, lighter or anything which the audience might hand to him.

The closeup magic can be also combined very well with a stages magic show. Whether before or afterwards, depends on the respective event. The magician Mr. Marc Magic will gladly discuss (consult) with you!

What ist Closeup Magic?

Excursion “Closeup magic”: “Closeup” is called translated ” near in it “. The spectator is only a very small distance of the events removes (approx. 20 cms to 1.5 m) and so everything experiences very closely. He(it) has the feeling, nothing can escape him. Besides, the time interval can vary from 10 minutes up to a full-length program. No stage is necessary, the magic Performance can be brought forward at tables, with standing receptions, etc.

The Closeup magic Performance pulls only the focus of the spectators on itself which are in direct nearness of the magician (in contrast to stages magic show which pulls the attention of all persons present on itself).