Contact for the magician Mr. Marc Magic: Email: Phone.: +49 (0) 221 341927 or Skype: kuenstlerteam

Wir sprechen Deutsch – We speak English – Hablamos Español


Contact Form

The best way to contact the professional magician “Mr. Marc Magic” is the contact form (below). Please do not forget the important information in order to submit an offer for a magic performance: Date of the event, Hour of the magic performance, Duration of the magic performance, Type of the magic performance (magic show, close-up magic, tradeshow magic, product magic, moderation, etc.), Reason for the event, Number of guests and Location of the event.

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The Magician “Mr. Marc Magic” lives in Köln-Raderthal (Cologne, Germany). If you want to visit the magician in person please arrange a date in advance via email or phone, because Mr. Magic is not always there.



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The magician Mr. Marc Magic always tries to answer you request immediately! To avoid questions about the event and magic performance please do not forget to send us all necesery information we need (and/or you already have) and use the contact form or our email ( Please send us the following magic information:

– For what kind of magic entertainment would you like to receive an offer? (You can choose more than one!)

– What date is the event?

– At what time are you planning the magic performance?

– For how long will the performance take place? (Duration of the performance.)

Where is the event? (Location)

– What is the reason for the event and how many guests will there be (more or less)?

If you do not know all of the information that is not a problem.

The Magic will be performed in English (or German) from Mr. Marc, Mike or Miles Magic.