1. The philosophy of the magician (moderator, comedy speaker, entertainer, singer, etc.) Mr. Marc Magic is to fulfill all your desires and requests regarding your program. In case of illness, accident or delays resulting from extreme weather he is entitled to cancel the contract. For the same reasons, the magician (moderator, comedy speaker, entertainer, singer, etc.) Mr. Magic is able to alter or cancel parts of the program. In case of cancellation the commission for this part of the contract is void.

2. The magician (moderator, comedy speaker, entertainer, singer, etc.) Mr. Marc Magic is an independent freelance artist, liable for fees and taxes on his commission. If additional fees or taxes become necessary they are always carried by the client (according to the legal regulations).

3. The client is responsible for the performance starting at the agreed time and at the agreed place. The artist, Mr. Magic agrees on a 20 minutes grace period prior to the beginning of the show. In case the show is not able to start after this 20 minutes waiting period, or the show is being interrupted due to any reason, the duty of the magician (moderator, comedy speaker, entertainer, singer, etc.) Mr. Magic is void with remaining right to all commissions.

4. The magician (moderator, comedy speaker, entertainer, singer, etc.) Mr. Magic is committed to being on time for the agreed performance. However, the client must allow for a 45 minutes grace period for unavoidable delays. In case of a predictable delay the magician will contact the client immediately via phone, fax or email.

5. Claims by the client, regarding any case, are excluded unless the damage was based on a deliberate or roughly negligent violation of the contract on part of the magician (moderator, comedy speaker, entertainer, singer, etc.) Mr. Marc Magic or on his behalf.

6. Liability connected to the performance of the artist or one of his colleagues is on the side of the client unless the magician (or announcer) acts roughly negligent.

7. In the frame of the performance, the client is responsible for the meals of the magician.

8. In case performances require electronic sound systems, to be supplied by the artist, a parking place must be provided in close vicinity to the stage ensuring an easy and fast transport of equipment. Next, it must be ensured that the vehicles do not have to be moved during the course of the performance in order to avoid unnecessary delays. Any fees for parking are covered by the client. Addresses which cannot be located easily, for instance with a GPS system, require a detailed map or other information to be able to reach the place for the show. If necessary, a parking place must be reserved to avoid delays.

9. Copyright (of copyrights): Most texts, pictures as well as the layout of this Website are protected in copyright matters. The use of any content, even for private purposes, is strictly prohibited. In order to make use of any text, photographs, images or designs, the written permission of the magician Mr. Marc Magic is required. The titles or company names are the property of the holders and are therefore subject to protection of trademark.

10. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the equipment (camera, amplifier plant, instrument, sensitive costumes, etc.) is not exposed to conditions, such as rain or cold, which could risk damage of such. If this is not possible due to changing conditions regarding the performance, the magician will decide whether he will take the risk for the performance. The client is liable for damage to the equipment as a result of the environmental conditions.

11. Performances which are more than 250 km from Cologne and finish later than 10:30pm, require accommodation in a medium class hotel including breakfast and internet access for the artist.

12. Non-liability: The contents on this website were composed to the best knowledge and conscience. Responsibility regarding completeness, accuracy and time-relevance of the contents will not be taken.

13. Salvatori clause: If one of the previous clauses/regulations/points is totally or partly ineffective due to changes in legal regulations or law changes, it is replaced by the regulation which is intentionally closest to the points stated above. All other regulations remain valid.

14. Area of jurisdiction is Cologne, Germany